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Feb 11, 2013 3:00pm EST
' money other than stocks because of the low rate environment. andrew, how are you investing right now? >> well, we're probably going to go ahead and move in this market. looks like the pullback is more likely 1650 back to these levels. so more than likely now is probably the time to ease into the market. you've got tremendous momentum and breath here. you're fighting the tape, as they say. this is probably the time to deploy. >> meanwhile, rick santelli, the race to the bottom of the currency markets was interrupted today. horror of horrors. japanese officials saying they don't want the currency to go much lower. and the euro moving higher as well today. >> once you put that machine in motion, i don't know if you can stop it. and bill, i find it so telling you have so much more outrage about a maker's mark liquidity injection than the fed's liquidity injections. >> what's your point? >> that's a story for another day. because that's not good for either. a 20-year chart of the dollar index looks like it's going to be going at these levels for awhile. they look like they're going to sta
Feb 5, 2013 3:00pm EST
governor in there who will step on the gas further. >> the low rate environment is a major driver. >> absolutely. >> how do fundamentals look? >> earnings much better than expected. 2.5 percentage points before where the expectation was at the beginning of the period. now s&p capital ik consensus are at 6%. the only problem is it basically seems to have been borrowing from the first quarter of 2003. now we're only looking at 1.4% growth but had been expecting close to 4% growth. >> how about revenue. >> pretty much steady at 3.5% growth so better than the one-half of 1% we got last quarter but still not seeing the driving ref now that i would like to see. >> i know we're splitting hairs and i can't afford to do that anyway, but the dow is up 100 points so we're at risk of not having the triple-digit move in the market. psychologically would that matter at all, at least for the short term? >> i think revels are like rusty doors, takes a couple of attempts before they finally swing open, and this is just one of those attempts. >> well said. >> larry. >> you're thinking five, ten yea
Feb 4, 2013 3:00pm EST
for strong sustained growth. at least in my view. then if you look at the regulatory environment, it isn't healthy. you have to say we're constrained as far as providing credit to consumers. all in all, i think it's hard to put a bold case together that's relying on fundamentals. >> what about that? is that rally about the fed and not the fundamentals? >> yes to some extent. but i'm advising my clients that optimism rules the day. and in fact, i see equity prices and higher equity prices and bond yields being recurring themes through 2013? >> when do you expect rates to start moving up? if we start seeing rock bottom rates actually move in step with economic improvement? >> well, i don't think either of the markets the bond market or the equity markets with the economic improvement to be honest with you. negative gdp growth last week. >> what would be the catalyst to move? >> i think the catalyst to move interest rate is higher equity prices. inverse relationship, right? we'll go up because informsers need to come back on fixed income. on days like today, obviously my clients and their -
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3